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kirsten dunst stills.
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kirsten dunst stillness

Welcome to dunststillness, a stills community dedicated to the lovely Kirsten Dunst. Kirsten is best known for her role in Marie Antoinette, Spider Man, and Bring It On, but she was also in Wimbledon, Crazy/Beautiful, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, and Elizabethtown.
Feel free to join and participate in the challenges!!! Promoting the community, especially to help get it off the ground, would be much appreciated. :)
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Comment here if you would like to become an affiliate.
∙ only post brand new icons made for the challenge.
∙ no animation!
∙ brushes, textures, etc. are perfectly acceptable.
∙ do not post or share your icons anywhere until after the voting results have gone up.
∙ you can change your entries before the voting goes up, just delete the old post.
∙ the voting is weighed. a first place vote gets 3 points, a second 2 points, and a third 1 point.
∙ your icons must meet lj standards.
∙ feel free to ask questions, you should receive a response in a short time.
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